Just got back from India and saw some amazing things.  Here’s some pics!

How to Train your Dragon Paper Art

Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself

This was fun, but took me forever and a day.  I totally enjoyed this comic.

X-Files adventures

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Uncharted Watercolor

superhero sailor moon

Gravity Falls-Mystery Twins paper art for Barrett ( http://sandwichday.tumblr.com/ )  a friend of mine.  Pretty sweet fun times

Paranorman paper art…Papernorman.  This is Aggie’s grief 

my friend put a duck in the lake

Sleeping beauty inspired background!  First real photoshop painting and it only took me forever!

littlekiwifrog asked: OH MY GOSH YOUR PAPERCUTS ARE GORGEOUS. Do you use colored card stock and just go over it with acrylic, or is it watercolored paper, or...? I really want to do something in this sort of style, it's absolutely stunning.

Thanks! That is so nice of you!  

So I use a mix of cardstock and construction paper and then highlight and add detail with acrylic (though the person who taught me to do it uses gouache which I’ve never used before)

I also recommend a sharp exacto knife, roller glue dots (which are available at your craft store) for the smaller pieces, and then hot glue to make sure what needs to be stable is stable.

I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions I’ll be happy to answer you!

Gravity Falls: Adventures of the Mystery Twins

having a bit of light issues with the camera, makes their noses disappear.