There’s a pretty great prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy about how Groot and Rocket met, except Rocket is called Hogarth and it’s The Iron Giant

"Return of the Dragon"

This is a commission for one of the surfacers on Cloudjumper for How To Train Your Dragon 2.  She’s having a baby and the room is ‘Star Wars/How to Train Your Dragon’ themed.

Bewilderbeast still photos

This guy moves! check out the video:

He’s all paper and has a small motor in the back with an LED.  I’ve been interested in trying movement for a while and this was my chance!



Join us at Gallery Nucleus on June 21st at 6pm for the opening reception of Flight & Fury, a How to Train Your Dragon-themed exhibition featuring original artwork by DreamWorks Animation artists. Meet the artists, win raffle prizes, and celebrate the release of #HTTYD2 with other fans! Find out more:

There should be a lot of special guests at the event, so if you’re in the area, do drop by.

(and I may just have a certain Dragon Trappers comic with me)

People! This is going to be the most amazing thing, please stop by!

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'Sherlock' grad present for a girlfriend of mine, Barrett - .

I learned so much from the Sherlock fans while researching this, hedgehogs, red undies…On an ironic note, I watched ‘Elementary’ while working on this

Anonymous said: Do you actually work at DreamWorks? What do you do there?

I do work at Dreamworks, I started there a couple months ago, and I’m a PA.  Nothing super artistic and special, but I had a great opportunity to contribute to the Dragons2 Charity Gallery Show and spent all my after work hours on this piece.  I watched a good 6-7 season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent while working on it!

A “How to Train Your Dragon 2” project for gallery show at Gallery Nucleus!  So excited to be a part of the show and for the release of the film!

There will be better pictures taken…probably

I made some ‘thank you’ cards for my co-workers at Dreamworks

How to Train your Dragon Paper Art

X-Files adventures

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Uncharted Watercolor